The Right Savior

The Right Savior

And now it is true that I am a redeemer. Yet there is a redeemer nearer than I. Ruth 3:12

Have you ever been presented with another way out of a situation that you knew was not right? How did you handle it? Let’s explore how Ruth handled this in her own life.

Boaz was not first in line to redeem Ruth, Naomi, and Elimilech’s land. When Ruth came to him in the middle of the night on the threshing floor, he was upfront about this fact. Ruth and Naomi had to digest this news and choose to wait on the best redeemer, not the next redeemer. Once the nearest one rejected the offer, Boaz could come in and make everything right again. In Ruth 4, we will see the closer redeemer reject his chance when he finds out that he would acquire Ruth as a wife. Their first child would take the place of Ruth’s first husband in the line of inheritance. He did not want to jeopardize his own future.

We have two choices. We have two princes to choose from: the prince of this world or the Prince of Peace. The prince of this world offers a temporary peace. He offers to assuage our hunger with sin. But that sin is poison. And he will not be there to help us pick up the pieces. He will knock us down and then taunt us as we drown in the sinking sand of our sinful choices. But here is the good news. As long as we are alive, it is never too late to choose the Prince of Peace, that being Jesus Christ. There is nothing that we could ever do to separate us from His love. He will pick us up out of the mire and wash us clean.

Heavenly Father
I am constantly tempted to choose the easy way out. But I know from Your Word that it will only lead to heartbreak. Help me to always choose You as my Redeemer.
In Jesus Precious Name

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