Jaime’s Bio

Jaime is Christine’s daughter.  She embraces the ministry mantle to help shape Daughters of Promise for the next generation.   Having grown up in a ministry family, her opportunities to sing, give her testimony, and tell her story were ever before her.

Jaime studied Communications and Theatre at a Christian University.  During her twenties, she studied classical voice with an opera singer for three years.  Jaime is also a writer, has been published, and has written for a nationally syndicated radio program.  Currently, she is the co-host of Daughters of Promise Nighttime, a late night radio program that targets the issues women face.  The subjects are explored in a deep and biblical way in the midst of a reflective and compassionate environment.

She is a wife, mother of two, and has listened to God as He helped her shape her ministry with a more refined vision.  God has been working profoundly in her heart to show her what her unique message is to the church.  She is passionate to see women of all ages push through any roadblocks that would keep them from practicing the great commission and enjoying the love of God.  Whether singing, speaking, or teaching, her way is passionate, direct, and approachable.  She has found her voice – for such a time as this.