God’s Alone Or For The People Pleasers Like Me?

“For whoever does the will of God, he is my brother and sister and mother.” Mark 3:35

As a mom, wife, daughter, church member and employee, people and projects clamor for my time. Jesus handled the demands of others according to each situation in a perfect manner (in the temple at age 12, to his family who demanded to see him while He taught, with the mother of His disciples who begged Him to let her sons have a position of power).

I know the things in life that I like: cobalt blue, apricots, green paint, biographies, mysteries, pens with blue ink and a fine tip, all kinds of well-performed music, pima cotton… So why don’t I know what I want? And does that even matter?

People circle around me, asking (and sometimes demanding) my time, energy, and resources. God gave me the time, energy and resources in order that I might serve the people He placed in my life. So what’s the problem?

God tells us that He created specific work for each of us before the foundations of the earth. Every child of the King lives with a destiny. The Bible also tells us that our Heavenly Father will give us the desires of our hearts if we just ask. There’s a catch though. God’s desires must be our desires. If I am so busy listening to everyone else, no matter how close, authoritative, holy and spiritual they are, I might miss God’s whisper to me alone. My most important role in this life is as God’s princess, His precious daughter. If performing as church member or child of earthly parents or wife overwhelms what God is saying, there is a problem.

In order to know God’s heart I’m going to talk to Him before reading the next article that gets thrown on my desk. I’m taking everything that I’m told, every suggestion with a grain of salt.

Oh, God, let my heart be attuned with Your heart.

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