Why Choose Leah?

I call heaven and earth to witness against you today, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse. There choose life, that you and your offspring may live… Deuteronomy 30:19

Rachel was Joseph’s beautiful mother. She was so lovely that Jacob worked many years for the privilege of marrying her. But what about Leah?

I know many women from both Christian and Jewish families who are named Rachel or Rebekah. They were renowned for being lovely in both face and form. And of course, we cannot forget Sarah. She attracted the attention of kings. But what about Leah? She could not see well or was not easy to see, depending on the translation. For whatever reason, God wanted us to know about how these women looked because their appearance played a part in their destinies.

I can relate to some extent. Many of my closet friends were tall and blond and usually a couple years older. They attracted attention wherever they went. When we put on our childish plays, they would be Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty. So who was I? Deep, dark, and adopted, I was always the wicked witch or the evil stepmother. Looking back, I ask myself, why did we never play Snow White…

Anyways, I can relate to Leah. But God chose her to establish the line that would bring us Jesus. Why Leah and not ravishing Rachel? I think we can come up with many reasons but I want to focus on a not so obvious one.

Rachel stole her father’s idols and hid them by sitting on top of them. She stole and then lied about it. I have no idea if she worshiped them or was angry with her father. Maybe she just saw them as heirlooms. Even though this was before the Ten Commandments, God’s people knew that idols were wrong. Leah did not steal the idols when they fled her father. So in a way, she chose God first. God looks at the heart so let’s choose today what God we will serve. From Leah, she of weak eyes, came the “Light that was the Life of all men.”

Heavenly Father, You chose me before I chose You. I revel in Your acceptance and love today. Sometimes I feel like the ugly duckling. But I know that when You look at me, You see a daughter of promise who glows with the righteousness of Your Son. Amen


What do people judge about you?

What do you judge about other people?

Look up adoption in the New Testament and write about how God sees you, according to Scripture.

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