Do We Abandon Ship?


Save others by snatching them out of the fire. Jude 1:23

Question~ What’s the difference between being longsuffering and suffering unnecessarily? Christian circles tend to swing the pendulum between the two. Where do we find balance? Some people believe that there is a point, when a ship is going down, when it’s too late to bail. They are pulled down into their watery grave because of the whirlpool effect. Quicksand may be an even better metaphor. There is a point of no return when fighting it just makes it worse.

Here’s the challenge. Many of us walk willingly into spiritual quicksand despite all the warning signs. Ownerless backpacks are lying around the hole of doom and serve as a warning. The stakes for making a solid decision are high, not just for us, but for the people who are following us; friends, family, and even other church people. So why do we continue in a bad direction?

I believe that we see other leaders walking into the trap and we say to ourselves, “They must know what they are doing. Certainly, they will change course before we all perish.” But will they really? Will they turn in time? These are necessary questions to voice.

One of the reasons we are tricked is because we can’t allow ourselves to experience another disappointment. It hurts to admit that we’ve been lied to whether by word or deed. It’s easier to just follow the leader, our spiritual Pied Piper, and deny the fact that the enemy is setting up our shepherd to skip and laugh us into captivity. Our leaders have feet of clay, as do us all, but some listen to the heartbeat of our Savior, Jesus Christ and know their weaknesses well. Many others follow the beckoning call of the enemy and ignore personal flaws that lead ministries downward.

When it’s time to make decisions for ourselves and our loved ones, it is imperative that we ask, “Will this choice lead my family closer to Jesus or to the ongoing damaging influences of the kingdom of darkness?”

Heavenly Father, I need Your wisdom. It is so easy to get sung to sleep by lyrics that I want to hear. Show me the truth, even if it hurts. And give me the courage to leap into the safety of Your arms. In Jesus Name Amen

Why did Lot’s wife turn around (Gen. 19:26)?
How can small choices destroy our future?
What is our spiritual responsibility to our loved ones?

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