Uncertain Times, Steady Faith

Uncertain Times, Steady Faith

There will come seven years of great plenty throughout all the land of Egypt, but after them there will arise seven years of famine, plenty will be forgotten in the land of Egypt. The famine will consume the land… Genesis 41:29-30

We are living in uncertain times. We can’t even plan for the next year with so many unknowns. So what do we do?

Everywhere I go, someone is talking about the recent stock market plunge or of the inevitable judgment that is coming to our country because of our disobedience. I know people who are planning for the bad winter predicted by weather experts in case they lose power for two weeks. I also know people who are planting gardens and collecting seeds in case our government crumbles. While I don’t really know what to say about planning in regards to the physical world, I can tell you what God has been telling my heart in regards to the spiritual world.

Joseph, son of Judah, was placed in a position of power after years of slavery and prison. God had a purpose for him that would save His people from starvation. Pharaoh’s dreams were from God (dreams that Joseph interpreted), and spoke of storing up grain during times of plenty for the famine ahead. Here’s the spiritual application that’s been on my heart. I have been storing up God’s word in the well of my spirit and meditating on it for the hard times to come. We need to be spiritually disciplined like Navy Seals during these times of plenty so that our faith is firmly rooted in truth during the future. Rest and brain Sabbath are important, but they have to be intentional. Not just peace for the sake of peace, but times of refueling on the right things.

Mountain climbers intentionally gain weight for a tough climb so that their bodies have fuel for the challenge. They come back much thinner but still healthy because they prepared. Together, we can encourage each other to be purposeful with our families. We need to be fattening our interior with the riches of God’s word so we can have a steady faith in these uncertain times.

Heavenly Father, I need to know what to do. Guide my steps and fill my heart with this daily bread. I need water from the well that will never run dry. In Jesus Precious Name, Amen


Look up instances of famine. What does God tell His people to do?

What does God tell His people not to do?

How can you be proactive so that you will no be touched by a spiritual famine?

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