Trading In

Trading In

Though he slay me, I will hope in him…” Job 13:15

Have you had a dream for most of your life only to have it ripped out from under you? Have you found that in order to follow Christ you had had to let go of something?

I work in ministry. I co-host two radio programs, write a devotional, speak, and also sing professionally. But the most important roles I play are that of wife and mother. My husband, Todd, and I have have been married almost twelve years. We have two boys, Gabe and Andy, who are nine and almost seven, respectively. Life is very busy in the Lauze household, to say the least. So if I am to fulfill the roles that God has called me to, I must be focused. Distractions constantly flit before my eyes while I constantly brush them away. Recently I’ve discovered that some of my distractions have been flying under the radar. And to deal with them meant giving up some old preconceived notions of what my life should look like.

Everyone God calls is asked to give up something precious. We aren’t always called to give up something bad. Sometimes it’s just something that God did not intend for us. And the hardest thing we may have to give up is how we perceive ourselves. It’s our constant companion. Letting go means taking every thought captive and that is an all-consuming task. But with the loss comes a gift. Obeying and letting go for the sake of Jesus Christ grows our love for Him. It is counter intuitive but it’s one of those spiritual concepts that keeps popping up in Scripture.

So, I’m asking. Will you trust Jesus? Even if it means that you don’t recognize yourself in the mirror? Will you let Him shape you? If you do, you will love Him more. And I’m saying that from experience.

Heavenly Father
I’m holding on to something that I know that You did not intend for me. Letting go will change the direction of my life. So instead of fighting, I will let go, knowing that in the end I will see You. And I will love You more. Empower me to release these old dreams that are precious to me, knowing full well that I am so precious to You that I am written on Your palms.
In Jesus Most Precious Name

What are you having trouble letting go of?
Why is it difficult?
Listen to Though He Slay Me by Shane and Shane. Respond.

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