Precious Offense

Precious Offense

Coming to Him as a living stone, rejected indeed by men, but chosen by God and precious…  2 Peter 2:3

The One who is so offensive to the world is so precious to us as Christians.  During this holiday season, I find myself wondering how people can enjoy celebrating the birth of Someone they find upsetting, especially when that Someone means everything to me.

Prophecies are clear in the Old Testament that Jesus would be a stumbling block both to the world and to His own people.  His parents fled with him to Egypt while he was still a baby so that he wouldn’t be murdered by King Herod.  That’s rejection from just about day one.  His very existence was an offense to a hideously immoral king.  Later on, people openly insulted his parentage.  Ultimately, the Romans crucified Him to pacify religious leaders who took great offense to Jesus because he claimed that He was God’s Son and King of the Jews.

Today, people are offended because Jesus’ existence shouts that they need a savior.  His existence also shouts that they (and everyone) are sinners and He is the only way to God.  I’ve heard people say that all roads lead to Rome, but why is that necessary when only One way is secure and sure?  Every other road will just lead you off a cliff.

2 Peter 4 says that Jesus was “rejected indeed by men, but chosen by God and precious…”  We know that the world considers the wisdom of God as foolishness.  It’s no surprise to discover that they see our spiritual treasures as junk.  The world is also blind to you and to how precious you are to God. They do not have the ability to see the value of the very One who gave up His life for them.  Spiritual blindness creates these tragedies but it is God’s very Spirit that gives divine sight.

Heavenly Father, You are so precious to me.  Your mercy and Your gift of Your Son are so awesome that I can barely contain the gratitude that fills my heart.  Thank you!  In Jesus Name, Amen


Listen to “All To Us” by Chris Tomlin.  What emotions does it evoke in you.

Is there any truth of God that offends you?  Can you ask God to change your heart?

How do you handle it when people are offended by the precious work God is doing in you?

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