The Pain Of Obedience


“…a sword shall pierce your own soul…” Luke 2:35
Have you been obedient to God only to find yourself disappointed in the outcome? Have you tried with everything to honor Jesus only to find yourself dishonored?

At Christmastime, we focus on the lights, the presents, and the baby. We sing songs about the awe and fear that Mary felt when she held her firstborn son, the firstborn of creation. What God asked Mary to do was an honor but the dishonor she would experience from her own community would be heartbreaking. I’ve wondered if this is why she accompanied Joseph for the census. What would have happened if she stayed? Who would believe that she was pure? The sin of fornication was punishable by stoning. She was told by Zachariah when she and Joseph took baby Jesus to the temple that a sword would pierce her heart. What a burden for a young woman to carry.

She would watch her son die an agonizing death only to be speared in the side.

There would be little honor in this earthly life for Mary and even less for her son Jesus. When God calls us to follow Him, that means putting aside earthly desires. If we desire honor, we will be sorely disappointed. In this Christmas season, let’s take the time to remember the humbleness of Jesus’ arrival. He gave up everything so that we could be with Him for eternity. When we choose Jesus, we embrace humility knowing that someday Jesus will return with us in all glory and might.

Heavenly Father
Show me what I’m clinging to that I need to leave behind. Forgive me for not being obedient and putting my wants before Your will. Please give me the hope to wade through the pain of what You have called me to do.
In Jesus Name

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