Now Your Maid

Now Your Maid

And he said, “Who are you?” And she answered, “I am your maid.” Ruth 3:9

Who do you believe you are, when you are alone? Are you being held back by how you see yourself?

Warren Wiersbe points out in his commentary on Ruth that when she approaches Boaz, she doesn’t call herself a Moabitess. She says, “I am Ruth your maid.” It was one thing to leave Moab and to try to assimilate into Israeli culture. It was another giant step for Ruth to identify herself as Boaz’s maid. She was leaving widowhood behind. Now, she would really be a Jew married on the ground of God’s chosen land. Think about the risk Ruth took in proclaiming who she was. Boaz could have rejected her. He wasn’t even the closest kinsman she had, after all.

Maybe you are struggling with voicing who you really are; who God really created you to be. Maybe other people still remind you of who you were in your past. So many of us get stuck reliving the past that we almost completely miss out on the now, not to mention look forward to the future. We can’t change the past, but if Jesus can take our sins and make them as far as the East is to the West, we have the power via the Holy Spirit to move on. We can accept the past and choose to live in reality. We can only drive forward if we are facing in that direction. And that may be claiming who we are now, washed in the blood of Jesus. Your very destiny may be determined by whether or not you can put words to who you are in Christ.

Dear Heavenly Father
I get stuck in the vacuum of my past mistakes. I let them define me. Forgive me. I choose, in faith, to believe I am Your redeemed, called daughter of promise. Help me to walk with grace.
In Jesus Name

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